Vol.0_E: 2012.2.22

We are currently encountering various "2012 problems" such as the
nuclear and/or energy issues, possible natural disasters including
earthquakes, typhoons and volcano eruptions, world depressions, food
crises, the Mayan calendar, and Ascension. In this situation, Swami
Guhen, who has been studying and practising meditation, hypnosis and
NLP in the Sahara Desert and in the West since the eighties, and who
is a student of Indian philosophy as the root of the Japanese New
Religions, Jewish and other mysticisms, etc., will teach a concrete
methodology as to how we will be able to live to secure our inner
spiritual peace in the current chaotic society. This online newsletter
will be published in Japanese and in English alternatively.

                           "Journey into the Depth of Awareness"
                               by Swami Guhen www.guhen.com

Hello everybody! I am Swami Guhen.

The current issue of this newsletter "Journey into the Depth of
Awareness" is the inaugurating one.

I was initiated by an Indian guru, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho) on the
American West Coast in 1983, and am an interdisciplinary student who
has since been experimenting with various forms of altered states of
consciousness including meditation, hypnosis and "chemically induced
sates of consciousness". Simultaneously, I am also s student of
spirituality, having studied one of the important masters in India,
i.e., Shankaracharya who founded Advaita Vedanta in the eighth century,
Theosophy as the root of the Japanese New Religions, Gurdjieff as one
of the most important gurus of the twentieth century, and so on.

I stayed in the Sahara Desert and in the West during the eighties and
the nineties, and, since I came back to Japan in 2001, have been
teaching NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) in the Japanese market.

During the eighties, I underwent over 2,000 hour long psychotherapy
courses at my master's commune on the West Coast, etc., with a view to
eradicating the severe traumas I was made subject to during my
childhood, and experienced in an exhaustive way all kinds of therapy
including Gestalt, Primal, Encounter, Humanistic Psychology, Rebirthing,
Arica Exercise, and EST.

When I was taking part in the 7 month long therapy course in Oregon,
another German participant approached me and made a "demon's whisper"
into my ear, saying "This kind of therapy is like a kindergarten game
in comparison with a newly born therapeutic school called NLP", but, of
course, I was not able to believe his words at all then.

Yet, a few years later, when I took part in a workshop held by one of
the co-founders of NLP in London, UK, I came to experientially recognise
that the demon's whisper I heard was indeed true.

Since that recognition I began to self-apply NLP, and it was NLP alone
that later turned out to enable me to completely eradicate all my past
traumas once and for all.

I have been extensively studying and practising NLP since I was first
taught by the co-founder of NLP, and have been holding certification
courses and workshops in Japan since 2001.

After having worked in the NLP market in Japan for the last 10 years, in
the new year of 2012, i.e., the very last year according to the Mayan
Calendar, where the whole chaotic society seems to encounter more and
more of various spiritual issues, I have decided to go back to the field
I used to be very good at, and to start this new online newsletter to
inform the Japanese community of how the spiritual problems may be
solved by means of such mental tools as NLP.

The title of this newsletter comes from my full disciple name, i.e.
Swami Prabodh Guhen ("Mr Awareness Depth").

Through this newsletter, I intend to go through a journey into the depth
of awareness with its readers as my co-travellers, while discussing such
a wide range of topics as meditation, enlightenment, therapy, hypnosis,
"chemically altered states of consciousness", Hippie Culture, Counter
Culture, Sub-culture, NLP, music, dance, art, Shamanism, Magic, Jewish
Mysticism, alchemy, mythology, and other areas related to the
possibilities of expansion of human consciousness.

This newsletter will be published in Japanese and in English.

Swami Guhen

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